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They say it’s possible to miss the forest for the trees. But sometimes the opposite is true. Sometimes, you have so many options that the trees get lost in the forest. The same may be true of sheds. As you shop, you might find there are so many options you can’t see how they’re different.

Today, we’d like to highlight the Chalet Garage, one of our popular models. This shed isn’t really a shed—it’s in a class of its own. Most sheds come as single stories and can be delivered in one trip. But the Chalet Garage is a double-decker that requires special installation.

Curious? You’re not the only one. That’s why we’d like to tell you more about it. While we’re at it, we’ll keep you from worrying about that special setup process. We’ll handle it for you, and you won’t pay extra—it’s all included in the price.

Big-time space

Like many people, you may not realize that a pre-made, two-story structure is possible. But once you discover this garage, we’re sure you will quickly find it fascinating. It’s one of our largest sheds, and that’s for good reason. If you want to store a vehicle and have space left over for storage, it makes sense to think big.

The shed comes in various lengths up to 30’ and widths of 12’ or 14’. While some order at 12’ wide, we encourage people to consider the 14’ model. Having the extra 2’ of width might not sound like much, but we think you’ll really appreciate it once you see it. Since the average width of a vehicle is about 6’, a 12’ garage gives 3’ on either side. This might sound like enough until you open the vehicle door! 

Many other shed models are available in widths of 14’, but it’s the Chalet Garage’s second story that makes this one unique. Not only do you get up to 420 sq. ft. on the first floor, you get the same amount upstairs (with a little less height). We include stairs between the floors to make it easy to move from one level to another. This is another reason that the wider garage is preferred, as the steps take away some of the usable floor space.

chalet garage, two story shed

How it’s done

Since the garage is too tall to deliver in one piece, we’ve come up with an efficient alternative. On delivery day, our truck and trailer will deliver the bottom portion of the garage. (It will look like a large shed without a roof.) 

Since the shed at this point is essentially a large box, we use that space to store the rest of the materials. We include all the lumber and roofing supplies we will need to add the second story. The top of the shed will be covered with a heat-shrink material to protect the inside.

At delivery, we’ll set the bottom part of the garage on the stone foundation you’ve made ready. Within a day (or sometimes two), our crew will come out to install the second story. By the time they’re done, no one will be able to tell that the garage arrived in two pieces.

Features & options

What’s included in your price? Here’s a list of standard features found in every Chalet Garage:

If you’d like to upgrade, we’ve got some great possibilities. There are too many to list here, but you’ll find them all on our website. Here are just a few:

Ideas for use

Over the years, we’ve seen people put these garages to many uses. Some customers use the bottom for storing a vehicle or a tractor and the top for storing materials. Others finish the inside, using the bottom for a vehicle and the top for personal space. Some have even turned the upstairs into in-law quarters or a guest bedroom. Upgrading to a long shed dormer in the roof will greatly increase the usability and enjoyment of the upstairs. Adding dormers on both sides will give all sorts of space.


By now, we hope you’ve enjoyed some Chalet Garage window shopping. We have more pictures on our website. What would you do with this kind of space? There’s almost an endless amount of possibilities. (By the way, we also offer a site-built garage called the Statesman. Ask about it if you’d like.)

As always, we’re here for your questions.

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chalet garage in lawn