Your New Backyard Shed Delivered and Installed

Proper Site Preparation Prolongs the Life of Your Shed

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for.  Your shed will arrive!  Are you ready?  Having your site correctly prepared for your new structure is vital to a smooth and safe delivery day.  Correct site preparation also prolongs the life of your new building.

  1. A bed of #1-B or #2-B crushed stones 4″ – 5″ deep extending 1′ beyond the building on all four sides. Dig sod out 3″ – 4″ and fill in with the stones. 
    • 4″ x 4″ landscape timbers can be laid around the stone bed.
    • Remember to allow for a ramp to the entrance doors.
    • Landscaping can be done outside the framework if so desired.

2. Set the building on treated timbers.

3. Set the building on an existing concrete pad or gravel

4. We do not recommend setting the building on bare ground

Optional Shed Block Set Up

For an additional $300, we will supply the necessary materials and block and level your shed to save you the preparation time.

Our Mule Maximizes Our Access to Install Your Shed

The Mule in Operation

We unload your shed from our truck onto your driveway or road and then move it into the final position using our Mule, a highly maneuverable device similar to a forklift.  The Mule allows us to place your shed into tighter spots than ever.  The Mule also leaves a smaller footprint on your property than a truck and trailer would.

Minimum Clearances:

– 12 feet height clearance

– 1-2 feet wider clearance than the building width

* Power lines, trees, tree limbs, roof overhangs, fences, terraces, and more all may be a hazard to placing your shed. Please consider them when planning the placement of your shed.

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