In-Stock Sheds For Sale In Delaware

Sheds For Sale in Delaware

Searching for sheds for sale in Delaware? Here at The Olde Sale Barn we have a sales lot full of storage sheds in many different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. Stop googling “sheds for sale in delaware” and visit our location to pick out the perfect shed for your backyard. Big sheds, small […]

What Is The Storage Capacity Of An Amish Shed?

How Do I Know What Size Shed To Buy? A frequently asked question by shed customers is “How do I know what size shed to buy”. What they are really asking is how do I estimate the amount of storage space I need. While there is no exact science since almost every situation has variables, […]

Child Safety Drives Interest In Vinyl Playsets

The American family is gravitating more and more towards having their own vinyl playset for the backyard. What is driving the current trend toward building out backyard spaces to accommodate kids? We believe concern for child safety is the large driver behind this switch away from community playgrounds. Antiquated or Unsafe Playground Equipment Too often […]

Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2022

Color Trends The verdict is in, paint companies have made it official, the go to colors for 2022 will be earthy shades of green, followed by relaxing blues. When choosing your new patio furniture you may want to focus on green or blue colorways for creating a calm, relaxed ambience in your outdoor space while […]

Amish Made Sheds – Maryland’s Best Storage Solution

Storage Solution Options Many Maryland residents have a common issue, their home lacks adequate storage space. There are 3 viable long term solutions to this problem: Expand the Storage Capacity of Your Home This can be accomplished by adding additional garage space, repurposing a basement or attic space, or adding more closet space to your […]

3 Outdoor Space “Must Haves” for Delaware Residents

Designer Grade Poly Patio Furniture for Entertaining Who doesn’t enjoy lounging on the patio at the end of the day, your favorite beverage in hand, as you watch the marsh grass dancing in the breeze. If you are fortunate enough to have a waterfront home, why not share the beauty with others? Good times begin […]