What Should I Not Store in My Shed?

Shed with Kayaks beside it

A Guide to Shed Storage Dont’s and Do’s What happens when you run out of room for your collections? Nesting dolls, fish skulls, silver spoons–can you build a shed and put them in there? Sheds hold a lot. But unless you plan to keep your shed climate-controlled at all times, some items won’t fare well […]

Where Shall I Put My Shed?

Shed from The Olde Sale Barn

You may think it will be easy to find a place for your shed because your backyard is so spacious. However, not just any spot will be ideal for your shed. After you’ve installed a shed, you won’t want to move it again. Here is a list of things to keep in mind before you start preparing the premises.

Shed Materials, Sizes, and Features

The materials you should choose vary depending where you live, where your aesthetic tastes fall, and what your shed’s purpose is. But that’s not all. You’ll want to make sure your shed was built using high-quality materials. You’ll want a builder and a dealer (sometimes they are the same people) with a reputation for top-tier workmanship.

What Do I Need To Know About Shed Permits?

Classic Shed with Dormer

A brilliant emerald shed capped with slate grey shingles and trimmed in white. You bring it home and nestle it on a bed of gravel right by the fence of your backyard. You love it. Until you get a phone call a few days later. . . “Do you have a permit for the shed you just installed?” Your heart drops…

8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Shed

Shed from Olde Sale Barn

Your lawn equipment needs somewhere to go. Your tiny attic space is overflowing. You’ve gotten inspired by the imaginative ways people use sheds: studios, home gyms, playhouses, working-from-home offices. It’s true. The options for sheds keep growing, but here are some things to consider before you buy…

Sheds Dover DE

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Are you living in Dover, DE and looking for Amish sheds for sale near you? The Olde Sale Barn is pleased to provide our friends and neighbors in Dover, DE with quality Amish built storage sheds for sale, and will be honored to provide you a free price quote for all your backyard storage needs…

Amish Sheds For Sale in Delaware

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Across America 21st-century housing often lacks adequate storage space, leaving Delaware residents in a quandary. Many residents around the country are choosing to resolve this dilemma by purchasing a backyard storage shed…

In-Stock Sheds For Sale In Delaware

Sheds For Sale in Delaware

Searching for sheds for sale in Delaware? Here at The Olde Sale Barn we have a sales lot full of storage sheds in many different sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. Stop googling “sheds for sale in delaware” and visit our location to pick out the perfect shed for your backyard…

What Is The Storage Capacity Of An Amish Shed?

diagram showing capacity of a 12x24 storage shed

A frequently asked question by shed customers is “How do I know what size shed to buy”. What they are really asking is how do I estimate the amount of storage space I need. While there is no exact science since almost every situation has variables, there are some guidelines that are standard to the industry…

Child Safety Drives Interest In Vinyl Playsets

vinyl swingset in backyard

The American family is gravitating more and more towards having their own vinyl playset for the backyard. What is driving the current trend toward building out backyard spaces to accommodate kids? We believe concern for child safety is the large driver behind this switch away from community playgrounds and antiquated play equipment.

Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2022

poly dining set inbackyard pool area

The verdict is in, paint companies have made it official, the go to colors for 2022 will be earthy shades of green, followed by relaxing blues. When choosing your new patio furniture you may want to focus on green or blue colorways for creating a calm, relaxed ambience in your outdoor space while keeping you in style.

3 Outdoor Space “Must Haves” for Delaware Residents

poly adirondack style sette

Good times begin with an invitation for some friends to come over. You spend the evening relaxing in the comfort of your designer poly patio furniture, while swapping yarns about your last fishing trip or crabbing expedition on the Delaware Bay…