Plastic is everywhere today. That’s mainly because it’s so versatile and economical. But we all know that one of the problems with plastic is that it does not biodegrade. Bury it in a landfill, and it will still be there a hundred years from now. 

Today’s poly furniture is made from plastic lumber, a material that was developed in the 1990s to give plastics a second useful life and to take advantage of their durability. In fact, plastic lumber is so rugged that it’s been used for building bridges and making railroad ties. 

This long-term durability of plastic, so undesirable in a landfill, makes it an excellent choice for furniture in the landscape. When you choose poly furniture, you are investing in long-lasting products that need virtually no maintenance. Even so, once you’ve made an investment you want to know how to take care of it. That’s why we’ve put together this guide—to help you understand your furniture and to keep it looking like new.

Poly furniture and the elements

Your furniture can handle virtually any weather condition, so you won’t need to do much for it—no matter the weather.

Maintaining your poly furniture

Since poly is resistant to so many of the elements, there’s very little work you’ll need to do to keep it looking new. If your furniture does start to accumulate dirt or debris from overhead trees (or from flying birds), the cleaning process is easy. 

Cleaning your furniture

Because plastic doesn’t have pores to absorb spills, cleaning the surface is about as easy as can be.

Cleaning cushions and pillows

Cushions and pillows are made to weather the elements, but they are more prone to dirt and wear than poly lumber is. If you need to clean them, soap and water is your friend.

Minor repairs

Other than cleaning, there are just a couple of things to keep in mind.

Poly furniture in the off season

Because of poly’s durability and resistance to the elements, you don’t need to bring it inside for the winter. Of course, it certainly won’t hurt to cover or shelter it when you won’t be using it for an extended time, and it may add a little time to its years of usefulness. We do recommend that you cover up your cushions or pillows when not in use for an extended time.

Enjoying your poly furniture

We know that choosing poly furniture over wood is an investment, but we think that it’s money well spent. Having made the choice, the best thing for you to do now is to sit down and enjoy the outdoors—without thinking about splinters, paint, or rotting wood!