The American family is gravitating more and more towards having their own vinyl playset for the backyard. What is driving the current trend toward building out backyard spaces to accommodate kids? We believe concern for child safety is the large driver behind this switch away from community playgrounds.

Antiquated or Unsafe Playground Equipment

Too often the playground equipment found at your local park or HOA is outdated, in disrepair, or unsafe. Hard steel monkey bars and jungle gyms are an accident waiting to happen. Steel has been worn smooth from many years of use and now provides a slick surface for a child to lose their footing or grip and take a nasty fall.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has developed a Public Playground Safety Handbook, with guidelines for public playground equipment in parks, schools, child care facilities, multiple home playgrounds and any other area of public use. Unfortunately these guidelines are completely voluntary and not required by law. 

Since the law does not require municipalities and HOA’s to update their playground equipment to equipment with the latest safety features, oftentimes it gets neglected at the expense of unknowing children. 

Due to improved designs and better manufacturing processes playground equipment being produced today is significantly safer than in past generations. New, safer equipment for children is always attractive to a parent.

Covid 19 Drives Vinyl Playset Trend

The Covid pandemic and its “shelter in place” rules left many parents looking for alternative ways to provide exercise in a safe environment for their children. Public playgrounds were considered hot spots for picking up the virus and other airborne illnesses. As a precaution parents and communities made community playgrounds off limits.
Activity in the public park was replaced with a vinyl playset in the backyard. This prevented cross contamination between families and considerably lowered the risk of spreading illness among children.

Your Backyard Is A Safer Place

Public parks and HOA community areas are not as safe as they once were. In fact in some neighborhoods they are rather dangerous places for children to hang out. With an ever increasing crime rate and violence at an all time high in many neighborhoods, the community playground is no longer a safe place to play.
Concerned parents have responded by investing in a safe environment for their children to play at home. While the initial investment is significant, the long term benefit of allowing young children to play in a safe environment in the backyard is worth the financial investment.

Create Your Safe Backyard Play Space

Want to create a safer play space in your own backyard? Start with a visit to your local outdoor furniture store to start customizing the outdoor play set of your child’s dreams. No worries dad, the setup isn’t your responsibility, swing sets and playsets are available for delivery and professional setup.

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